Since the experiments of Berrhus Skinner in the middle of last century, it has been known that a wonderful way of teaching is possible by being very individual in approach and giving instant recognition of success.

It has not been until the introduction of computer technology, however, that such an approach has been feasible.


Ted Strahan has launched The Tuition Place in the Broadwalk in Penrith. The Tuition Place uses the very latest in educational software and combines it with the friendly assistance of highly trained tutors.

The tutors use a revolutionary multi-stage teaching/learning system that quickly improves knowledge and skills while developing self confidence and encouraging students to enjoy the learning process.

Ted has been tutoring children in Penrith for 16 years. In that time, the most important skill he has attained is an ability to seek out and fill in ‘holes’, the missed knowledge, methods and concepts from the past that undermine confidence in what is being attempted in the present.

Weekly lessons at The Tuition Place are designed to make students thrive.

They are also very competitively priced.

To find out more, you can ring Ted at any time on 4722 3039 or 0416 018 716.