Safe, secure & vibrant learning environment

The Little Kids School pride themselves on providing your children with a safe, secure and vibrant learning environment.

They value, respect and appreciate each and every child as a unique individual with different needs and requirements.

Their childcare centres are modern and fully accredited.

Their educators and carers are well trained and passionate and actively promote children’s learning through a range of engaging and challenging experiences throughout the day.

Most influential time of life

Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor, Educators and other Staff of The Little Kids School believe that the early years of a child’s life are their most influential.

It is within these years that a child develops the foundation skills and abilities that will carry them through life.

The Little Kids School Educators/Staff feel that by being attuned to children’s thoughts and feelings, this supports the development of a strong sense of wellbeing.

Their aim is to work closely with families to form a partnership, where Educators/Staff can develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through play.

Fundamental to the EYLF is the view that children’s lives and childhood is a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

The Little Kids School is really a place for little kids with big dreams…why not go along and take a look for yourself!

Glenmore Park:
Director: Annika Livanidis

32-34 Wolara Avenue
Glenmore Park NSW 2745
(Close to Glenmore Park Public School)

T: 02 4733 0783
Facebook: LKS Glenmore Park on Facebook

Licensed for 2-5 years old
To enrol at Glenmore Park:

South Wentworthville:
Director: Kelly York

56 Hampden Road
South Wentworthville NSW 2145

T: 02 9688 3452
Facebook: LKS Wentworthville on Facebook

Licenced for 0-5 years old
To enrol at South Wentworthville: