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Schools Agricultural Showcase

Glossy steers, manicured sheep and crowing roosters form the backdrop for the 24th year of the Western Sydney, Agricultural Schools Showcase at the Penrith Show. Students from twenty schools pit their skills against each other in activities encompassing educational displays, livestock parading and the Rural Olympics.

The competition kicked off in March by Emu Plains Correctional Services Dairy generously allocating an unweaned bull calf or heifer to each school. Regular interaction and hand feeding fostered a strong rapport between students and calves to make the training low stress for all concerned.

The transition to solid feed was facilitated by the generous donation of calf pellets from Castlereagh Feeds. This culminates at day break on the last weekend of August at the show ground wash bay, with the final primping and polishing before sauntering around under the watchful gaze of the industry judge.

On Sunday, each school fields a team of four to compete in the Rural Olympics. Stacking and securing a load of hay, building a wire fence, setting up an electric fence, drenching and handling sheep in a yard, calculating and applying chemicals safely form the core activities on the day.

Concurrently, other school teams compete in the poultry judging competition and winning individuals are able to qualify for judging at the Royal Easter Show.

Come and see your children in action as they learn through immersion in a real life context and establish a network of new friends who share a passion for caring for plants and animals and managing our natural resources.

This unique learning experience is only possible through the generous support of the judges who volunteer their time, the faithful sponsors, the school communities and the Penrith A.H & I Society for their logistical and financial support.

Proudly Sponsored By

  • Club Paceway Penrith
  • CSI Agriculture
  • Castlereagh Feeds
  • University of Western Sydney

Competition Details

Each participating school will be awarded points for a compulsory “static” display plus five other entries that can be drawn from the 30 categories.

Samples may be taken from the static display and entered into individual exhibits. Prize money will be allocated to participating schools. Four Perpetual Shields and the Renshaw Trophy will be awarded.

This year the Agricultural Display will be based upon an Agricultural Industry or issue. Judging is based upon the educational value, the creativity and visual impact.

The use of signs, posters etc is important and each school must have at least two students who can explain the display and answer the judge’s questions. Schools will need to nominate two other students to judge the displays for the Students Choice Award sponsored by UWS

Prize money Other Points Allocation

$50 1st Place: Display/ Livestock Categories / Produce Categories

$ 40 2nd Place: Display/ Livestock Categories / Produce Categories

$ 30 3rd Place: Display/ Livestock Categories / Produce Categories

School’s Educational Displays will be judged on

Impact of the Display – 40 POINTS

Continuity of the theme – 30 POINTS

Labelling and signage – 20 POINTS

Student knowledge of the display – 10 POINTS

For school’s that have not entered the Calf competition, please complete and fax an entry form by the end of term two. Final adjustments to categories and various competition entries can be done in Mid August.

Contacts: Geoff Clerke

Work Ph 02 4737 5500, Mobile 0403 286 634, Fax 02 4733 1054, Home Ph 02 4735 1104

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