The Sydney Brick Show

The Sydney Brick Show will once again showcase their awesome constructions, with an exhibit at the Penrith Show on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August.

The success of the Sydney Brick Show held at Panthers in April this year, led to a massive crowd on both days who attendees were amazed at the Lego builds, from replica cars to robots to major cities with all of the detail you could imagine.

Sydney Brick Show kindly donated their proceeds from this event to NADO, a charitable organisation based in the Penrith region that provides support services for people with a disability. NADO’s services include day to day individualised staff support, housing options, day programs, recreational groups, supported holidays, clinical services and children’s holiday programs.

Donations are vital to NADO, with the extra funds assisting with the purchase of wheelchair accessible vehicles, sensory resources, sports equipment and technology that supports communication for people with a disability.

The exhibition coming up at the Penrith Show will showcase the creations of talented Lego builders from Greater Sydney and across Australia for viewing by the general public. Known as AFOLs, Adult Fans of Lego, their passion is to create wondrous designs made from the little brick for you to enjoy.

The exhibitors from Sydney Brick Show set themselves apart from other fan events in offering not only Australia’s premium displays, but a hands-on experience for all visitors. Each year they endeavour to bring fresh ideas for the enjoyment of patrons.

NADO was thrilled to receive a call from Lorraine Pozza – CEO from Penrith Paceway to ask them to join forces with the Sydney Brick Show once again and be a part of this milestone celebration of 175 years.

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