Penrith Show Fireworks Spectacular

Incredible Fireworks Show




Rarely has the description “Fireworks Spectacular” been so rightly used.


But the Penrith Show fireworks display starting at 7.30pm on Saturday 25th August can be described as a “Fireworks Spectacular” based on the previous years’ experience.


Penrith Show President, Max Laughton stated, “It was as bright as daylight. It was an absolutely incredible sight to behold.”


Don’t miss the Penrith Show 175th Annual Event – where the fireworks promise to be even more spectacular than 2017.


The Penrith Show would like to extend their appreciation to the list of businesses below for again sponsoring this year’s Fireworks Spectacular


  • Penrith Panthers
  • The Western Weekender
  • Dunn & Farrugia
  • Vintage FM
  • Arnall Trophies
  • The Good Guys

Please Support Your Local Business

Please Support Your Local Business