Summary of Rules & Regulations


The Show Office is located on Level One,  Penrith Showground 141 -147 Station Street Penrith , the Show Office is open from 9.15am to 4.15pm  Monday to Friday.

The Office will also be open on both days of the Show. Postal Address: P.O Box 7086, South Penrith NSW 2750.

Show Entries

Entry Forms for the various sections, are payable to the Show Office by either in Person or by mail, money orders and cheques are acceptable. Postal Address – P.O Box 7086, STH PENRITH NSW 2750

Entry Forms

When entering items in the Penrith Show please ensure the entry form is filled out correctly.

If you have any queries relating to how to fill out the entry form Please contact the Show Office between the hours of 9.15am to 4.15pm.

Telephone: (02) 4721 2375

Prize Money

Prize Money must be claimed within one (1) month of the last day of the Penrith Show, after this time no Prize Money will be given.

Prize Money may be collected during the days of the Show, however only upon presentation of Award Cards at the Prize Money Office that is located in the Main Grandstand.


Club Paceway Members Entitles free entry for Member and one (1) guest on Presentation of Membership Card.

Club Membership must financial by Friday 21st August 2015.

Stewards and Judges – Free on Presentation of Cards or Passes

Adults – $16.00

Children 5 to 16 years – $9.00

Pensioners & Senior Citizens – $9.00

Family Ticket – $45.00 (2 Adults, max. 4 Children)

No admission Passes will be given.

Full Rules & Regulations

1.         The Show will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August, 2015.

2.         Membership includes full Membership of Club Paceway and entitles Member and one (1) guest entry into the Annual Show.

3.         All entries shall be completed on entry forms as contained in this Schedule or from the Show Office.

All questions contained in these forms shall be answered, as the Exhibitor shall be bound by the representation contained therein and by the By-Laws of the Society.

Exhibitors shall be deemed liable for fees for all entries made, whether the entries are exhibited or not.

4.         The age of all horse stock shall date from August 1st.

5.         The signing of the certificate of entry of any animal will be taken as guarantee that it is free from all disease as far as it is known to the owner, but should the Committee have reason to suspect that any animal is diseased or dangerous they may remove the animal or refuse its admission to the Show.

6.         Exhibitors proved to have made false entries for any prize shall forfeit and shall be liable, at the discretion of the Committee, to forfeit all other prizes that may have been awarded: and in the event of a wilful infringement of any of the Regulations or By-Laws shall render themselves liable to be disqualified for any future competition at the Society’s Show for such time as the Committee may determine.

7.         The Committee shall have the power to withhold a prize if they have any reasonable doubt as to the fulfilment of conditions of entry.

8.         Once in place exhibits must not be interfered with or moved, a penalty will be imposed on the exhibitor of being disqualified and forfeiture of any prize that may have been awarded.

9.         Exhibitors shall render themselves liable to a penalty of no more than $10.00 for removing any official place card tickets or ribbon, affixed by the Stewards on any stall, place or animals or by affixing any other place card, ticket or ribbon, on any other stall, place or animal.

10.      Exhibitors appearing on the Showground, or in the ring set apart for Judging purposes, with medal, distinguishing badge, or ribbon, prior to the prizes being awarded will be disqualified.

11.      The prize stock shall be distinguished, in addition to the tickets, by a blue ribbon for first, red ribbon for second, yellow for third, green for special, and red, white and blue for champion. These colours must be worn whenever stock is paraded, and no other colours will be permitted to be worn during the current Show.

Any infringement of this rule may entail disqualification and forfeiture of prizes.

12.      Owners of bulls and stallions exhibited must have such animals to lead (all stallions to be led with a bit and bar and all bulls with a ring and bars), otherwise they will not be permitted to Show. All horses and cattle in Show must be securely tied up

13.      Exhibitors of stock must have a competent person in attendance to parade at the hours specified, except such stock as exempted by the Stewards.

14.      Tickets for admission for attendants in charge of live stock who are required to be present on both days of the Show will be granted on application to the Show Office, but only as he may be deemed necessary.

15.      Protest against any exhibitor other than in the parade ring must be made in writing and lodged with the Show Office within these days of the Show, accompanied by the deposit of $10.00. Protests arising out of any circumstances that may occur in the parade ring must also be in writing – lodged with the Show Office within one (1) hour after the event has been Judged, also accompanied by a deposit of $10.00. Such deposits shall be forfeited to the Society if the matter of protest be deemed frivolous.

Any Steward or Committeeman/woman may enter a protest, without paying a fee, providing that he (or she) is not interested in the class. The exhibitor protested against shall be invited to meet the Committee at a time and place to be fixed by the Show Office, and if such exhibitor fails to attend personally or by proxy he shall forfeit his right to the prize or prizes affected by the protests. Protests may be lodged either by an exhibitor or by his duly appointed agent. If required an appeal can be made to the Association Societies (an extra fee of $2.00), whose decision shall be final.


17.      Exhibitors will only be allowed to enter or remove their exhibits on production of their section cards and under the direction of the Stewards. No unofficial person will be admitted to the Show building whilst the Judging is in progress and the prizes have been awarded.

18.      The Society will not be held responsible for any accident that may occur through or by an exhibit, and will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any loss or miss-delivery of exhibits of any kind, or for any damage done thereto.

19.      Exhibitors must claim prizes won within one (1) month of the last day of the Show, after this date prize money can not be collected. Prizes may be collected during the Show, upon presentation of award cards, which are available from the Stewards of the respective sections.

20.      Exhibitors must not remove any exhibit after delivering it to the Stewards without their permission.

21.      All exhibits must be the genuine property of the exhibitor at the time of entry.

All farm produce is to be the production of the person exhibiting, and all manufacture must be the work of the exhibitor or of persons in their employ, except where otherwise specified, and must have been the property of the exhibitor at least one (1) month prior to the exhibition.

22.      Exhibits intended for exhibition must be brought free of charge to the Society’s Ground, except when otherwise approved.

23.      If a Judge considers that an exhibit does not posses sufficient merit to deserve a prize, no prize shall be awarded.

Objectionable Conduct

24.      Any person who, in the opinion of the Society or its Official’s, shall cause annoyance by loud or unseemly comment upon the decision of a Judge, or upon any act or omission on the part of the Judge or any Official on duty on or about the Judging ring. Any person whose conduct shall contravene the Society’s Rules and Regulations, or By-Laws and any person who may, in the opinion of the Society or any of its Officials, be guilty of unseemly, offensive or insulting behaviour may be expelled from the Showground and shall, upon being requested to do so by the Show Office or the Steward of a section, forthwith vacate by leaving the Showground or such part thereof as such Official shall direct.

25.      If the Committee is satisfied that any person has, by his or her conduct, wilfully infringed the Society’s Rules and Regulations or By-Laws, the Committee may prohibit such person from exhibiting or competing in any class of the Show or at any future Show.

26.      To be in attendance on the Showground at the hour appointed to receive exhibits. They are responsible for the exhibits being properly classed, and all the exhibits in each Class placed together ready for Judging. To meet at the Show Office when the Judge’s names are called to obtain award papers from the Show Office and deliver same to Judges, and accompany them to their respective sections. Have all exhibitors, and other persons removed from the vicinity of the Judges while adjudicating. Attend to the Judges to accord any information required, but not to do or say anything to influence their decision. They must not reveal the name of any exhibitor or repeat any remarks the Judges may make to each other. Deliver award papers when filled out and signed to the Show Office. Obtain prize cards with the names of the successful exhibitors belonging to the number on the award papers written thereon from the Show Office, and affix them to the exhibit. Report to the Committee any disobedience or their orders to disorderly conduct on the part of the exhibitors or those in charge of exhibits.


27.      The use of Prohibited Drugs administered for any purpose whatsoever is prohibited. The Committee may arrange for a test on any exhibit to determine whether any prohibited drug has been administered. Any exhibit, which is found to have been administered with a prohibited drug, or exhibit to be tested, shall forfeit all awards gained and be disqualified. If an exhibitor has an exhibit that tests positive to a prohibited drug, the costs associated with such testing will be the liability of that exhibitor/owner.


28.      Competitors must not consume alcohol prior to or during competition No alcohol will be brought by visitors or exhibitors onto the showground. Spirits, beer and drinks are available at the Show for very reasonable prices. The same rules and regulations governing Clubs and Hotels in the responsible service of alcohol also apply to this Show. All alcohol must be consumed in the designated area.


29.      The Committee shall take all reasonable care for the safety of exhibits, but the Society shall not be held responsible for any accident or loss that may occur to, from, or by any exhibits during the Show, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society harmless and indemnify it from any legal proceedings from such accident or loss. The Society will not, under any circumstances, hold itself responsible for any loss or miss-delivery of live stock or other exhibits to the Society’s exhibition or from any damage thereto. The signing of the entry of an animal will be taken as a guarantee that the animal is free from all disease, as far as is known by the owner. In case of infectious disease being spread through the show exhibits, the exhibitor with diseased stock will be held responsible. Terms of Admission

30.      Club Paceway Members – Entitles free entry for Member and one (1) guest on production of Membership card.

Stewards and Judges – Free on Production of Cards or Passes.

Adults $16.00, Children 5 to 16 years, Pensioners and Senior Citizens $9.00,

(Family Tickets $45.00 (2 adults and max. of 4 children).

The Gatekeeper or Steward in charge may require proof of ownership of any ticket, and in default of such proof being afforded, may impound same.

These gate passes will entitle the competitor or exhibitor to two (2) admissions only.

Special Notice

31.      All questions which may arise as to the construction of the By-Laws shall be decided by the Committee, whose decision shall be final and the Committee shall also have the power of determining all matters and questions which may arise in connection with the Show to which the By-Laws may not extend.

32.      No exhibitor will be permitted to be with the Stewards or Judges during the time for Judging exhibits, unless by special request of the Stewards, the exhibit or exhibits of any persons infringing this rule shall at once be disqualified. This applies to Stewards who may be exhibitors.

33.      All exhibitions shall take place on the Society’s ground or where the Committee may appoint. The Committee reserves the right to, at any time, postpone the exhibition or any event thereof in consequence of the inclemency of the weather, or from any other sufficient cause to a date or dates deemed suitable by the Committee and no entrance fee shall be returnable in the event of such postponement. The reasonableness of the cause or causes for postponement shall be decided by the Committee and their Judgement shall be conclusive and not open to question by any exhibitor or other person affected by such postponement.

34.      The Committee may abandon any exhibition or any event thereof because of wet weather or for any other reason which may make such a course advisable in the opinion of the Committee. Should the Show or any event be abandoned or cancelled, the exhibitors or entrants shall be entitled to a return of the entrance fee paid, but no cause or action, liability or obligation shall be maintainable or incurred by the Committee or by the Society by reason of such abandonment or cancellation.

The word Committee herein refers to any member of the Sub-Committee or the Board of Directors.

Postal Address:          The Show Office  PO Box 708 South Penrith NSW 2750

Address:                      147 Station St, Penrith Cnr Station & Ransley Sts Penrith Showground

Phone:                         (02) 4721 2375

Fax:                              (02) 4732 2763


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